Light Movement Athens: The Outskirts of a Dreamed map

Light Movement Athens
26th May, 2017 Open Air Cinema Riviera, Valtetsiou 46, Exarcheia
Mixed program as side event to an exhibition by James Edmonds and Petra Graf at 3 137, Athens

 The Outskirts of a Dreamed map

Autonomous cracks in the authority of the urban facade appear to offer points of departure for imaginative discourses and reflections on the idea of a city, as conceived in the mind of it's inhabitants rather than it’s political-economic restraints.

Light Movement Amsterdam: Architectural Collage

Light Movement Amsterdam
2nd June, 2017, Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK), Hoorn, The Netherlands
Mixed program as side event to Alanna Lawley artist residency

Architectural Collage

The medium of Architecture, particularly since the modern era offers a complex history of aesthetic values, yet a formal experience of man made interiors and exteriors can be seen as something fundamental in our capacity to grasp the experience of space, to perceive depth, as it passes durationally through our bodily movements in the space.

Light Movement 22: Larry Gottheim

Light Movement 22:
14th June 2017 8pm, Spektrum Berlin

Larry Gottheim

Considered of one of our greatest living avant-garde masters, we are very fortunate to host Larry Gottheim in person as part of his tour of Europe which includes screenings in London, Vienna, Budapest, Stockholm, Hamburg, Spain, among others. The program will present a selection of earlier films as well as his new, recently completed, 42 minute work Chants and Dances for Hand (1991-2016)